Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We really missed our Daddy

Bradey has training, or "school" is what we call it, every six months up in Boise. And last week we had no Daddy for 4 days!! He left Sunday afternoon and didn't get home until Thursday evening. We had A LOT of activities planned to make the week go by quickly, although night time was the hardest. Londyn has a hard time going to bed if either one of us is gone, but especially her Dad. We made sure we had storytime with Daddy on the phone every night before we went to bed. It was SO priceless, because Londyn "read" to her Daddy each night, because he couldn't read to her. It melted my heart to see this bonding moment. Each morning she woke up and asked, "Mommy where's Daddy?" I'd say, "He's at work Honey." She'd get her whiny/crying voice out and say, "I wanna got to work too, and be with Daddy." Break my heart!! And there was nothing I could do about it because once he's in school there's no talking to him unti he gets back to his hotel room. Carter would wake up as well in the morning and yell for his Dad. It's a bit easier to divert a 19 month old's attention to something else. We'd play tickle monster or something to get him happy and going. But like I said we had TONS of activities to keep both kids happy each day.

Monday we went over to my Mom's house to play with my sisters kids. They had a lot of fun getting into everything! :)

On Tuesday we went out to see Abbi and Alex's pigs and the cows that the pigs are by. My kids LOVE farm animals, but the day was REALLY windy, so we didn't get to stay very long .

Wednesday we had dance class, achievement days, had a play date with a couple of boys who are my parents' neighbor, then headed to volleyball in the evening. I was SO proud of them all day long!! It was a VERY busy day and they did great!!

Thursday we had our very dear friends, the Carter family, come over and have a play date. My kids enjoyed playing outside all afternoon in the dirty!! :)

Bradey finally got home Thursday evening. Carter was SO jacked, Londyn was sleeping. Carter was pounding my front window when he say his Dad getting out of the car. HE was screaming, "Dad, Dad, DAD!!" I took him outside and he ran to his Dad like there was no tomorrow!! :) It adorable. We woke up the next day and took advantage of the beautiful day. We took the kids to the park. They didn't want anything to do with me, so I was behind the camera the entire time. As you can tell by the pictures they had pure joy playing at the playground with their dad! I enjoyed watching. It really made me fall more in love with Bradey watching him be an amazing father that he is. It's no rare occasion to see these moments, but not seeing him daily was really hard on all of us.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day was Wonderful!

I don't have any pictures from my Mother's Day, but I have a lot to tell!! :)
The Saturday before Mother's Day we went to our nephew's birthday party. Londyn just had a birthday, so she was really excited for the presents and cake. You could tell she was really bummed that NONE of them were for her. WE kept telling her its not her birthday its Kason's.

So Mother's Day is a NEW day!! Well we wake up and Bradey tells Londyn to tell me "Happy Mother's Day!" This was her reply, "NO! It's not Kason's birthday, it's not Mommy's Day, it's LONDYN'S DAY!!" with a very stern matter of fact voice!! :) It really made our day bright, because I couldn't stop laughing!! It was adorable. So we told Londyn "Happy Londyn's Day" and let her pick out breakfast. I received a beautiful hanging basket the day before and I am super excited to put it up in my flower bed!!

We went to church and had no problems, we rushed home because my entire family (minus my loved ones in Washington of course) were headed to my house so we could have a VIDEO phone call from Elder Leonardson!! WE were frantically putting the web cam together on the computer and trying to make sure it would work all before 1 (we get out of church at 12!!). Well 1 came around and NO phone call. He was calling my dad at 12:30 so we assumed he was still on the phone with him. When it came to 2, we became concerned. So I got a hold of my dad to make sure they weren't still on the phone together. NOPE they were not! WE couldn't figure out why we hadn't heard from him, plus we had to be in Aberdeen at 3 for dinner with my Nana Cooker. Well we ended up having dinner at our place. Grandma brought everything she cooked over, and we had a delightful dinner together while we waited anxiously for THE CALL!!
Well after hours, and hours, and hours of waiting there was NO phone call. Maybe we'll find out what happened this weekend when he e-mails up. But at least he got to chat with my dad. And my Mother's Day turned into a wonderful family event. We even got to video chat with my dad!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Whether your a mom of many kids, one kid, an aunt, Grandma, or really great friend!! "ARE WE NOT ALL MOTHERS?" ;)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

4 years of sweet BLISS and Easter!

We celebrated out anniversary this year by going to the Black Swann Inn!! We stayed in the Rocky Mountain Cabin which was pretty cool. It was hilarious because when we were driving to Pocatello, I called my mom really quick to ask her a question. We got to talking and she said, "Oh that's right it's your anniversary." My step-dad most have been right next to her because I could hear him in the background saying, "4 years, is it still going strong?" And my mom answers him, "Well obviously their going to the Black Swann right now!!" HAHA I love my family!!
It was nice to get away and enjoy one anothers company without children screaming and fighting. Or just needing our attention.
I can't believe we are here 4 years and 2 kids later!! I love Bradey with all my heart. And that love has grown from our very first date, to our wedding, to Now!
It's interesting because that giddy feeling seems to never go away. How excited I get when he comes home from work, or even call me from work (that is a rare occasion!). He is my Superman and I'm grateful that he loves me through my imperfections and malfunctions!! ;)

Easter fell on our Anniversary weekend. And oh boy were the kids excited for their gifts!! WE enjoyed spreading this holiday amongst family. The kids and I went to Malad for my cousins baby shower and Grandparents Easter gathering. We had lots of fun, so much fun that I forgot to take pictures!!
But Easter Sunday I made sure I took all the pictures I could!! Bradey didn't feel well when he woke up on Sunday, so he was stuck at home while the rest of us went and played at both his and my parents' houses. Good food, candy, and Bubbles was what it was ALL about this year!! ;) And I enjoyed every minute of it, minus not being with my husband.

The Easter Bunny CAME!!

I think they liked the eggs the most, probably because they had candy in them!!

So handsome in Orange!

My beautiful baby girl and her Batman action figures!! ;)

Egg Hunt at Ninny and Pappa Kendall's

Egg Hunt at Grandma and Papa Cookies


Londyn loves to play with these goggles

Kisses from Crystal Horse

We've had a bit of a tragedy on this tramp last year that involved me, a back flip, Londyn's nose, the spring, and a rush to the ER.

So I'm not allowed on it while my children are on it!

He loves to swing

He was determined to get up this bridge ALL by himself

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and REMEMBERED the whole reason we celebrate it. I am so Grateful to my Savior for willingly sacrificing for my sins and sorrows. Its because of Him that I have baptismal covenants and can be cleansed and purified each week.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Londyn is 3!!

Happy Birthday Londyn!!

Cinnamon Rolls is a GREAT birthday breakfast!!

Birthday Princess

Time for presents!!

Already texting! ;)
She LOVES these boots!

Blow out the Candles!

Lightning McQueen couch

Dressing her new dolly in her new clothes

All of her Lighning McQueen gifts!

What amazing and learning experience 3 years they have been. 3 is most definitely the INDEPENDENT stage. Londyn does everything by herself. Reading, bathing, eating, getting dressed, etc. If you even try to help her with anything (without her asking for help of course) you get the wrath of Londyn!! :)

She loves to dance, sing, and learn. We have a section out of our day that consist of all of these things. Carter joins in when he wants!!
Londyn's has always been diverse with the things that she likes, but lately she's been really enjoying Princess stuff. Her favorite princess is Ariel (what can I say the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!). So this year we did a Princess theme for her birthday. As you can tell from the pictures the rest of the family didn't get the memo so she got A LOT of Lightning McQueen things, which is just as much her favorite as Ariel, so she's not complaining!! :)